Our Story

With over 5 years of experience in electronic retail, cKrow is Singapore homegrown electronics distributor and e-tailor to meet the expectation of the consumers in term of quality and trust.

There are many unreliable brands joining the competitive market. We have gathered feedback that the existing products lack of quality control and has created inconvenient situation. 

'I bought a charging cable for $7, but it only last for 2 weeks. It does not have warranty and there goes my hard-earned money..' - James

Our team decided to take things to the next level by sourcing diligently and ensure the manufacturing process are at the optimal standard. Subsequently, these products are sent to laboratory test to obtain relevant certificates. 

All in all, we carefully shortlisted our manufacturer to produce the best of the best products under our belt. 

In 2017, we aim to be the leader in the most challenging sector, the charging cable.